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Aker Offshore Wind vindmøller

The development of floating wind at Utsira has the potential to act as a springboard for a new industrial era and suppliers across the project lifecycle will play an integral role in making Norway a global leader in floating offshore wind.

What is our vision for the supply chain?

We envision the opportunity to develop a successful, cost-efficient energy floating wind system, and position the Norwegian supply chain for further global opportunities.

As a consortium, we want to accompany the industry transformation and development in Norway. With offshore wind, opportunities go beyond exporting components, but also developing everything from software to maintenance solutions.

The question is not only ”what” will replace oil and gas in Norway, but “how” we will utilize our current competences and start the transition.

Together, the consortium has the experience developing world-class solutions for an export market. And we have first-hand experience of transitioning our own yards and jobs. Working together with the supply chain, we want to make sure Utsira Nord is not a “one off”, but rather a “kick off” for new industry opportunities.

Windmill and wessel

How can the supply chain get involved?

We need a sustainable and cost-effective supply chain. Are you ready for the transformation through digitalization, automation, scaling, and mass production – to think big and bold? Sustainability is regarded as a competitive advantage.  

We wish to engage existing industries to develop sustainable supply chains for offshore wind. There is a need to address the entire supply value chain for offshore windfarms looking at the value chain across all phases: project development, construction and operation phases including all areas of activities, from services to products, from tier 1 down to the lowest level of the tier chain.

We know that it takes time to enter new business areas, which means we need to start now. Find your place in the supply value chain, find your next level of supply value chain. Explore and assess your possibilities and find new partners to increase value and attractiveness.

The Achilles Supplier Portal

We would like our suppliers to register with the Achilles Green Energy community. Achilles Green Energy facilitates the growth of renewable energy through assuring the quality of supply chains. The Green Energy community will be used for onshore and offshore wind, solar energy, wave energy, hydro energy and other renewable energy companies, and will enable the transition to a clean and green global energy supply chain.

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