Utsira Offshore Wind



Together, the three partners have the expertise and experience to develop a successful, cost-efficient floating wind energy system at Utsira Nord and position the Norwegian supply chain for further global opportunities.


Ocean Winds has not only installed floaters: it has developed, installed and is now operating the WindFloat Atlantic project, the first European floating offshore wind farm. 60% of the world’s semisubmersible floaters are designed and developed by Aker engineers.


Statkraft is the leading provider of renewable energy in Europe and a leading expert on energy market and market solutions. As partners, we have the competence and will to explore and develop different offtake opportunities, including hydrogen.


As a consortium, we have both local and international presence and the experience to transition the supply industry for an international offshore wind market.

Aker Offshore Wind Floating Windmill

Mainstream Renewable Power

Mainstream Renewable Power (“Mainstream”), with a global project portfolio of more than 29 GW, is a leading pure-play renewable energy company with a presence across Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia-Pacific. Employing over 700 people across five continents, Mainstream has raised more than EUR 3.0 billion in project finance to date. In May 2021, Norway-based Aker Horizons acquired a majority stake in Mainstream and, in April 2022, Japan-based Mitsui & Co., Ltd. joined Aker Horizons as a long-term strategic investor. In addition to bringing forward industrial-scale onshore wind and solar projects around the world, we are advancing gigawatt-scale offshore wind projects in Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Ireland, the UK, the US, and Sweden.

The company’s growth trajectory and offshore wind ambition accelerated in 2022 with the integration of Aker Offshore Wind, combining world-class development and industrialization capabilities through Aker group companies with Mainstream’s strong development and execution track record. Further to our ambition in the floating wind market, the company holds preferential rights to bankable floating foundation technology through ownership in Principle Power. Mainstream is currently developing a net capacity of 1.3 GW of floating offshore wind in Scotland and South Korea and 1.23 GW of fixed bottom offshore wind in Vietnam.

The Aker group of companies together constitute one of Norway´s largest and most significant industrial knowledge environments. We have a long track record delivering complex offshore engineering technology from the developer and supplier side. Throughout our 180-year history, we have created jobs and developed offshore industry value chains in Norwegian coastal communities.

Mainstream has the experience and international presence to transform the Norwegian supply industry for an international offshore wind market.



Ocean Winds

Oceans Wind (OW) is an international company dedicated to offshore wind energy and created as a 50-50 joint venture, owned by EDP Renewables and ENGIE. Based on our belief that offshore wind energy is an essential part of the global energy transition, we develop, finance, build and operate offshore wind farm projects all around the world.

When EDP and ENGIE combined their offshore wind assets and project pipeline to create OW in 2019, the company had a total of 1.5 GW under construction and 4.0 GW under development; OW has been adding rapidly to that portfolio and is now on a trajectory to reach the 2025 target of 5 to 7 GW of projects in operation, or construction, and 5 to 10 GW under advanced development. In 2022, OW’s offshore wind gross capacity already operating, contracted or with grid connection rights granted reaches 11.2 GW.

OW, headquartered in Madrid, is currently present in 8 countries, and primarily targets markets in Europe, the United States and selected parts of Asia, from where most of the growth is expected to come.




Statkraft is Europe´s largest renewable energy generator and energy market access provider, and a global company in renewable power production and energy market operations.

We have extensive capability from the development and operation of global onshore wind and experience in significant offshore wind projects in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We provide leading analysis of power market and power systems, including forecasts, operational and financial risks, and we have broad experience in managing and optimizing renewable energy plants and assets around the world.


Utsira Nord is one of the areas with the strongest winds in Europe, which is obviously at the core of producing energy from offshore wind.

– Sebastian Bringsværd, Spokesperson for Utsira Nord Consortium and Head of Norway Region, Aker Offshore Wind